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How to Get Free Traffic from Pinterest to Your Blog

So as to generate income from your blog, you need to drive traffic to it. One way to do this is by learning how to get free traffic from Pinterest. If you master this platform, you can get a lots of unique visitors to your blog.

Right now, I want to talk about how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. Below are some of the best strategies that I personally use on my blog to increase our traffic.

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1. Create a Blog Board

Create a Pinterest board particularly for blog posts. This way, your followers can easily find your blogs and also follow your board. Try to match the name of your Pinterest blog with the title of your blog board.

Naming your Pinterest board with keywords keeps it most likely to show up in search engines too. Keywords may be used in the names of your boards, in descriptions, in pin descriptions or in your Business Name.

2. Create Creative Pins

One of the most important decision you will make is creating the pin image for your post. A high quality image drives the audience’s interest and motivates them to share your pin. I recommend making pins with a size of 736 x 1104 pixels, that will conveniently blend in with the content of your blog post.

Create fresh pins every day. The current algorithm prefers fresh pins as well as Pinterest encourages users to frequently create new pins.

You can create lots of fresh Pins easly with Canva.

3. Pin Description

If you want to attract your Pin as well as drive free traffic from Pinterest to your blog site, you need to add a specific content about your image. The pin description will certainly be presented below the pin image and also will give more information about your blog post. A more specific description about the image offers Pinterest users more information about that image as well as gives them much more reason to click through to your site.

Ensure that you also use the same keywords in 5-10 various pin descriptions as you never understand which one is going to get greater levels of engagement and ranking higher within search results on Pinterest.

After your description add 2-3 relevant call-to-action

4. Join in Group Boards

Group boards are boards that have greater than one factor. Each factor can add their own pins as well as each board might have their own guidelines and also moderator.

To find a detailed list of group boards, you can go to

Finding the right group board is an excellent way to reveal your pins to hundreds of people when you’re first starting on Pinterest.

5. Use hashtags

When you use hashtags along with when you categorize your pins, this makes them look more ordered and users will be much easier to find your blog post. On the other hand, don’t make use of hashtags at large – I indicate add a hashtag just if you actually need it, because your pins will certainly look spammy and also users will miss them.

Add Pin-It Button

If you wish to get repins your article or image, you need to make it easier for users to do it. One fantastic method of doing it is by adding a Pin-It button to your website. See to it what Pin-It buttons are offered for your platform and placed it on a recognizable position on your website or blog as well as start counting your pins in addition to repins.

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